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Museums Sheffield celebrates the things we have in common, the history we share and the experiences  that make our lives unique. In this time of crisis, the role of art, culture and heritage has become more important than ever; for many it is a lens through which to see and experience beauty in the world around us, and a rich source of learning, inspiration and hope.

As a charity, your generous donations, the support from Trusts and Foundations, Museums Sheffield Friends and the income generated through our shops, cafés, events and hospitality, helps to keep the museums and galleries you love free and open to enjoy.

Last year, we welcomed over 1 million visitors, and we are proud to have created memorable experiences for the 50,000 adults, children and young people who took part in workshops, talks, tours and events. With your support Museums Sheffield will continue to be place of inspiration and a free space, for everyone every day.

There are many different ways you can support Museums Sheffield, if you have any questions, the Fundraising team would love to hear from you.

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