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Gaynor Naylor


My Dad, Albert Naylor, grew up on Verdon Street, 1930s and 1940s

Sepia photograph of the VE day party on Vernon Street.
VE Day celebrations on Verdon Street where Albert Naylor grew up. Albert is standing at the front of the row on the right hand side, with his hands cupped under the chin of the younger boy. © Gaynor Naylor


Albert Naylor lived all his life in Burngreave. Gaynor, his daughter, was interviewed by Nikky Wilson for an article in the Burngreave Messenger in February 2005.

My father, Albert was born in 1932 when the family was living on Verdon Street. He acquired quite a reputation as a rogue and the nickname 'Good Boy Naylor'. "He weren't bloody good!" was what people used to say about him. Some of his favourite tricks included jumping on trains from the goods yard on Spital Hill and pinching the pennies out of the pockets of bloomers hung on the washing line on wash day. (The penny was used as a weight to keep things from blowing away). Dad would replace the penny in each pocket with a stone and then he and his pals would go and watch cowboy films at the cinema. He always made sure he had enough money left to buy a packet of fags too, this at the tender age of ten!

Even as an adult he kept his wonderful sense of humour. He used to make me and my sister laugh with his pranks and encourage us to do daredevil things too!