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Alice Ingham


Bombed out during the Blitz, December 1940

Black and white photograph of bomb damage to houses on Ellesmere Road, 1940.
Bomb damage on Ellesmere Road from the Blitz, December 1940 © Picture Sheffield, Sheffield Libraries

In December 1940 I was living with my family at number 90 on Fox Street. It was a proper terrace house , two up and two down, with an inside toilet upstairs, which in those days was quite unusual.

On the night of the 12th of December, our house was damaged in a bombing raid. We were about to sit down to have meat and potato pie for our tea when the air raid sirens sounded. So we headed off to the Anderson shelter at the bottom of the garden, along with other neighbours. When we emerged the next morning everything was topsy turvy and we saw that one of the neighbour's houses had taken a direct hit. All the doors and windows of our house had been blown in so we had to go and stay with a relative in Gleadless for three months whilst it was repaired.

But we were lucky: three of our neighbours were killed that night. They didn't go to the shelter but were waiting in their cellar. It was a very difficult and frightening time for everyone.

Extract from an interview with Alice Ingham, November 2006.