***Reopening Mon 17 Aug – we can’t wait to see you!***
Temp Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun, 11am-3pm
Please pre-book your visit from 13 Aug (a limited number of walk-up visits will also be available)

Free Entry
Donations Welcome
Millennium Gallery
Arundel Gate
S1 2PP

Photography policy at the Millennium Gallery

Museums Sheffield welcomes non-flash photography by visitors for personal use only wherever we can. Photography is sometimes not permitted in certain areas at the request of lenders and artists.

We reserve the right to ask visitors not to take photographs in the interests of security and to protect the privacy of our visitors.

Visitors are welcome to take non-flash photographs in the foyers of the Millennium Gallery, the 'avenue' upstairs, and the Metalwork Collection.

Non-flash photography is permitted in the Ruskin Collection with the exception of certain marked works.

Photography policy for temporary exhibitions will depend on the copyright involved and the consent of the lender.

If you would like to photograph or film inside any of our museums for media or professional purposes, please contact our press and marketing team in advance here

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