Revealing Sheffield Castle

Nov 25 2013

Helen Harman, Curator of Archaeology at Museums Sheffield, on a new display at Weston Park celebrating the history of Sheffield Castle:

In November 2013 Castle Market shut its doors for the final time and moved to new premises on the Moor. With the closure of the market public interest is growing in the redevelopment of the site. What will happen when the buildings are demolished? Will the land be built on and if so, what will be put there? And why are these questions so important?

As many people know, Castle Market is built over the historical site where Sheffield Castle once stood. The castle was demolished in the 1640s and only a little of the stonework still remains above ground. However, what might lie beneath the surface really is a bit of a mystery.Workman on the site of Sheffield Castle 1927 -1929

The land has been redeveloped and built over many times since the castle was levelled, but the evidence for change in the use of the plot over the years might be explained with more investigation. Providing modern development during the early-mid 1900s hasn’t wiped evidence away, further exploration would enable us to have a better understanding of the castle and later developments on the site.

To celebrate the beginning of a new stage in the life of the castle site, Weston Park is hosting a small display of objects and images from the 20th century investigations carried out by Albert Leslie Armstrong and Leslie Butcher. Featuring a range of exhibits, from post-medieval ceramics to 17th century artillery, the display aims to show how the work of these two archaeologists enabled a greater understanding of Sheffield Castle and spark intrigue in what might remain beneath the site today.

And if you’d like to find out more about the archaeology of the castle site, don’t miss our free lunchtime talk in January, when we’ll be joined by Glyn Davies from the Friends of Sheffield Castle.

Sheffield Castle Revealed continues at Weston Park until May 2014

For more information on Sheffield Castle and current projects related to the site, please follow the links below:


Top - Museums Sheffield's Curator of Archaeology, Helen Harman checking objects going into the Sheffield Castle display
Bottom - A workman on the site of Sheffield Castle, c1927 -1929


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