Proud! Telling LGBT+ stories in Sheffield

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Sheffield’s museum collections tell amazing stories about the city and its people, but the experiences of Sheffield’s LGBT+ communities are currently underrepresented. We want to change that and we need your help.

Do you, or someone you know, have objects that could help us tell these stories? These might be everyday items, but ones that tell a personal story that’s important to you – maybe the mug you were drinking from when you came out to your mum or the outfit you wore to your first Pride.

Later this year we’ll be unveiling two new displays, one at Weston Park Museum showcasing some of the experinces of  LGBT+ people in Sheffield, and one at Millennium Gallery celebrating a true Sheffield hero, the activist and rights campaigner, Edward Carpenter. Beyond those displays we want to continue to develop the museum collections to better represent our fantastic, diverse city. 

Working with members of our LGBT+ communities, we’ve identified some key themes it would be great for the collections to cover:

  • Coming out
  • Going out
  • Health and education
  • Activism
  • Discrimination
  • Family life
  • Marriage and civil partnerships
  • Icons
  • Living life your way

If you have objects and stories that link to those themes, or suggestions of any other LGBT+ experiences the collection should represent, we’d love to hear from you - please contact Clara Morgan, Curator of Social History: / 0114 278 2644

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