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Wicker Arches

Colour photograph of a carved stone panel above one of the Wicker Arches
One of the carved panels above one of the Wicker Arches showing the arms of the Duke of Norfolk © Carl Rose

On the walls of the Wicker Arches are four carved stone panels, two on each side above the arches over footpaths. One shows a lion and a horse holding a shield with the Latin inscription 'sola virtus invicta'. This was the motto of the Duke of Norfolk and means 'virtue is unconquerable'. On the Burngreave side of the same arch are a horse and a dog with the inscription 'vincit amor patria'. This was the coat of arms for the Earl of Yarborough who was Chair of the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway. All four panels date from 1839 when the arches and bridge were first built to carry railway traffic to the Victoria railway station (where the Holiday Inn now sits).