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The Romans arrive

A Roman coin found on Scott Road in 1906

54AD - 200AD

The Romans first arrived in the north of England around 54AD. They met fierce resistance from northern tribes, particularly the Brigantes. So they built forts, such as the one at Templeborough, near Rotherham.

There is very little evidence of the Roman presence in Burngreave. A hoard of 35 Roman coins was found on Scott Road, right in the middle of Burngreave. They date between 50 and 200AD, suggesting that Romans were at least passing through the area during that time. There is also the remains of a massive earthwork, known as the Roman Rig, which ran through the Lower Don Valley and along what is now Grimesthorpe Road. However we dont know how old it is or who built it. It may have been built to keep the Romans out.