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Posh in Pitsmoor

The junction of Burngreave Road, Gower Street and Grimesthorpe Road in 1910

Workmen from John Standall, painter and decorators shop on Ellesmere Road, 1900

Shops on Spital Hill,1905

The maid from No 1 Burngreave Road

In the early 1900s houses were still being built in the area. If you take a walk up Burngreave Road from Spital Hill you can follow this progression uphill from the dates marked on the front of each villa on either side of the road. The people who lived in them were doctors, teachers, shopkeepers and business men. Pitsmoor was described as eminently respectable and a languorous and soothing suburb, in an article in the Sheffield Daily Telegraph in 1906. A few years later Abbeyfield House and its grounds were donated to the city council. In 1909 the grounds were turned into a park for local people. In 1913 another patch of land off Abbeyfield Road became Devon Gardens. The creation of these public green spaces was in aid of an urban population of factory workers who needed access to fresh air and space to exercise.

During the 1920s some of the back-to-back houses began to disappear but many of the courts persisted until after the Second World War. Areas around Verdon Street and Gower Street were still dominated by this type of housing.