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Tram drivers and conductors in 1959. The woman on the right is Anne Murdoch. Read her story of wartime work in War time

Nurses from the Northern General Hospital, 1961

The grave of Sultan Mohomed in Burngreave Cemetery

In the years immediately after the Second World War, there was a desperate need for labour in Sheffield to rebuild the city and its industries. Around this time Burngreave became home to many new immigrants, arriving from the Caribbean, Pakistan and Yemen. Many found jobs in the steel industry and the hospitals in Sheffield. Later they brought their families to join them and became part of the local community. This was the beginnings of the multicultural community that is Burngreave today. We do know, however, that Asian people had lived in the area even before this period. In Burngreave cemetery there is a grave of an Indian man killed in a colliery accident in Beighton in 1923, called Sultan Mohomed. There is also evidence to suggest that some Somali people settled in the area during the 1930s.