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Carl Rose


Settling down in Burngreave (1984)

Black and white photograph of the face of photographer Carl Rose.
Carl Rose, taken by his son Reuben © Carl Rose

I have lived in and around Burngreave for twenty two years and I feel that this is my true home. After a hectic childhood spent in and out of children's homes and foster care, my family finally settled in Burngreave. I moved here at the age of ten with my mother and two sisters. We had moved from a women's refuge in York to one based in Burngreave.

During my youth I got involved in petty crime but, after spending most Saturdays at an Attendance Centre, polishing Copper's cars and running up and down sports halls with benches on my head, I decided that the criminal life was not for me. I attended Firs Hill and Earl Marshal Schools, finally leaving education at the age of 15. After which I spent some years touring with a Burngreave based band, "Various Vegetables". After a turbulent childhood, this was a great time in my life. We toured the country and did the whole Rock and Roll thing.

After the band split up, I settled down with my current partner in a house at the top of Burngreave Bank where we raised two children. I decided to return to education at the age of 23, completing my GCSE's and A' Levels at Norton College, before studying for a Media Studies degree at Sheffield Hallam University. I am now a professional photographer, working for national newspapers and magazines. I also work in the community and like to take portraits and documentary images.

I love living in Burngreave and I think it is fascinating to watch the places and people change. That's what is so good about the area. There is always something new happening in the community.

Written by Carl Rose, professional photographer, in November 2006.