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Joyce Rason


Wooden Clogs

Colour photograph of the upper profile of Joyce Rason holding a pair of wooden clogs.
Joyce Rason holding the clogs her father made in 1915 © Carl Rose

My treasure is a small pair of wooden clogs, made as an ornament by my father. He was in the Navy during the First World War, captured in 1915 and sent to a camp somewhere in Holland. He made these wooden clogs whilst he was there. I think they might have been a Christmas present for the family back home but I don't know if he was able to send them or brought them back when he was released. 'Christmas Greetings' is carved on the side of one clog and 'George Green' (his name) on the other. Both are dated 1915 and have a tiny Union Jack painted on the front. These clogs were always around at home when I was growing up and after he died, they became quite special to me.