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Ronnie Lewin


My Dad from Jamaica to Burngreave

Well what can I say? My, or should I say our, dad Neville Lewin is an extraordinay man - Why? - because he is known locally by many residents as a good friend and helpful hand, but mainly because he single handedly raised four children by himself.

Our dad we believe is a super dad because he set an excellent example of what could be acheived even when those all around him said that it couldn't!

Not only did he raise four children, but , he made sure that we set our goals high and aimed for the top within our achievements. We are now all grown up , and thanks to dad's guidance we have a musician, a law degree, a computer business, and a design business all within the acheivements of his four children.

Burngreave is a great place with great people - as dad would say aim high and life is what you make it.

Thanks dad.