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Saleh Muthana



Colour photograph of the upper profile of Saleh Muthana holding his first passport.
Saleh Muthana with his first passport © Carl Rose

This passport, issued in 1967, is important to me! It's like the deeds to my house. I've kept it all these years because it tells part of the story of my life - how I came to England as a young man to find work. I had just finished 12 years of service in the British Army in Aden/South Yemen. At that time I had a wife and four children but no job prospects in Aden. But I had a cousin in Sheffield who offered to help me find a job. That's what brought me to England. I left my family behind and came here and I've never moved away. I spent over thirty years working as a crane driver in the steel industry. During that time Burngreave has become my home.