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Kaltun Mohamed


Going to school in Somalia in the 1980s

Colour photograph of the face of Kaltun Mohamed.
Kaltun Mohamed © Carl Rose


Kaltun has lived in Burngreave since 1988 when she first came to England. In an interview with Ingrid Hanson recorded for the Burngreave Voices oral history archive in March 2006, she remembers what it was like to go to school in her home country.

I grew up in Hargeisa, second city of Somalia. I used to really enjoy my school days there. I liked the teachers, I had friends and I liked the environment. I felt safe and confident there, I was learning every day and loved it. I used to like reading and writing best, not maths. And I liked to be first in the class, we were always racing to put our hands up and answer questions! We used to have a little bit of money to buy snacks at break time, little things like sweets. And if somebody didn't have any money that day, we always shared with them, that's popular in our country. But the other interesting thing is that we walked to and from school every day. About five miles, but we walked quickly and we got used to it. This is much healthier, I think, and it made us fit.