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Asma and Najma Khurshid


A sense of belonging here

Sepia photograph of Asma Khursid and siblings as children.
Asma and Najma with their younger brother. © Najma Khurshid


Asma and Najma Khurshid spent their childhood in Attercliffe, an area near to Burngreave. They are now living in Burngreave, bringing up families.

I think because we've lived here all our lives, we know practically everybody.


You know what I mean. Doesn't matter what race they are, whether they're white, black, Somali, Afro-Caribbean, we just know them. Even if we don't know them by name, say hello and that, they'll come a link to, you know, 'We know you from...' Other day we were in Tesco's and that lady recognised us, didn't she. She goes, 'Did you go to Firth Park School?' and I say 'Yeah, yeah, yeah', and it turns out she lives ten doors from us on Barnsley Road.

Barnsley Road, yeah

So you know, it's just so funny, you know, how you meet people and...

You're just notorious, infamous.


You know, I think, you know, that time in Attercliffe was the best. I really do. If I could put the clock back, if there was a like...obviously they've demolished them houses and paid everybody off, if they'd say that everybody could still be living there, I think we'd still be there.

Yeah, I certainly would.

Extract from an interview with Asma and Najma Khurshid recorded by Gaby Spinks for the Burngreave Voices oral history archive, July 2006.