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Dorrett Buckley Greaves


School days in Jamaica in the 1930s

Colour photograph of the face of Dorrett Buckley Greaves.
Dorrett Buckley Greaves © Carl Rose


Dorrett Buckley Greaves has been a prominent member of the local community in Burngreave for many years. She came to work in Sheffield from Jamaica in 1956. She was interviewed by Gaby Spinks for the Burngreave Voices oral history archive in July 2006. In the sound clip she remembers a rhyme that she learnt at school in Jamaica.

The clip lasts for 2 minutes and 35 seconds.

Yes..Do you remember any nursery rhymes or proverbs that you learnt at school?

Yes. Yes, I knoooow a lot! We used to do a lot because, after a while I came to live in Port Antonio, the capital, and then I went to Olivia Park School. That's where I finish schooling, Olivia Park School and we had a teacher, her name was Miss Wilson an' the head mas, the head teacher there was Mr Watts. And so I remember this, this Miss Wilson, she did say that she wrote this memory gem herself, you know, and it goes like this:

'I know there are no errors in that great eternal plan,
And all things work together for the final good of man, [clock chiming in background]
And I know that when my soul speeds upward on its grand eternal quest,
I shall say, as I look back earthwards, whatever best'.

And I've tried through...all through my years to analyse that poem, that memory gem and it is very dear to my heart.

After you left school, what did you do?

Well, when I left school Mama couldn't afford to send me to the secondary school...I was, I was school, so I went to do, have a course of dressmaking, she sent me to learn to do dress making.

Did you enjoy it ?

Yes. Because I love to make things and I like to dress well.