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Flo Gill


Ellesmere Road School, 1926

Colour photograph of the head and shoulders of Flo Gill.
Flo Gill © Carl Rose


Flo Gill has lived in Burngreave for many years. This extract comes from 'School Days: how we remember our time, in peace and war', produced by the Firshill and Pitsmoor Local History Group in 2005.

I started school in 1926 when I was five years old and I attended Ellesmere Road School. Every morning I used to call for my friend who lived in Tea Gardens Terrace and I still remember she always had two slices of bread, about two inches thick with bacon between, for her breakfast and she would eat this on the way to school. It all dripped down her chin!

All our classes were mixed and I always sat next to my friend Iris.

When we first started at school we all had to go down to the clinic to have our eyes tested. Then we had to have our teeth checked, we had to go to the Owler Lane School clinic for that examination. I remember that when we needed to have a tooth out, we had to breathe into a sort of balloon that contained some form of gas which put us to sleep. It was a really weird sensation!

During my early years at school, we used to go to the Salvation Army for the Magic Lantern show. We didn't have to pay anything, I expect it was like the after school clubs they have today.