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Councillor Jackie Drayton


First impressions on moving to Sheffield

I moved up to Sheffield from Coventry two weeks before Christmas in 1979. I had a small baby girl of only seven weeks old and two boys aged 9 and 10.

Coventry is very flat and I couldn't believe the hills in Burngreave. I had to push the pram up Burngreave Road to take the boys to school at Firs Hill and again to fetch them at the end of the day. I brought my old fashioned bike with me, which had no gears, but only went out on it once as I ended up pushing it most of the time.

I remember going on the bus down town to do Christmas shopping it only cost me 10p on the bus and the streets were packed with people and I didnt know where to get anything.

Then on 28th April, on my eldest son's birthday, the kids and I were amazed when we woke up. There was deep snow everywhere. We got wrapped up warm and went out to Osgathorpe Park and slid down the hill on bin liners, built a snowman and threw snowballs with neighbours and friends, having a great time. We knew then we'd come to a wonderful place. The weather might have been colder but the warmth of the people made up for it.