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Doris Booth


Burngreave Schools in the 1930s

Colour photograph of the head and shoulders of Doris Booth.
Doris Booth © Carl Rose


Doris Booth has happy memories of her school days in Pitsmoor. Some of these are recorded in the publication 'School Days: how we remember our time, in peace and war', produced by the Firshill and Pitsmoor Local History Group in 2005.

I first started school in 1929 at Pye Bank which was at the top of Andover Street. I remember my older sister, Winnie, pulling me by the hand up that steep hill at the age of five.

I went on to Burngreave Secondary Modern (now Byron Wood) when I was eleven. When we got into the third year we went one day a week for 'housewifery lessons' to a big house called Ivy Lodge, on the corner of Rutland Road and Pitsmoor Road. Teachers used to live there and I remember there were four bedrooms all painted in a different colour. We were formed into groups and used to be allocated to each room in turn to clean it. We really did enjoy going there, even though we were cleaning rooms when in fact it was our turn to be in the kitchen!

I was cloakroom monitor in that third year. It was also my last at school as I left when I was 14 to go on to work.