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We organise CPD events for teachers to accompany our special exhibitions as well as to explore our core collections either at our sites or in your school. We also host exclusive teacher preview evenings which give an opportunity to explore an exhibition and to develop creative ideas, along with a curator and a member of our learning team.

Upcoming teacher previews and CPD events:

Teacher CPD - suitable for all key stages
Free, hands-on Teacher CPD sessions - you are welcome to attend one or both.

What is Drawing?
Thurs 14 Mar, 4-6pm
Using the Leonardo sketchbooks on display in the gallery, this session will explore the different meanings of drawing and the language that surrounds them.
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Drawing them in
Thurs 28 Mar, 4-6pm
How do we change perceptions of drawing so that we can engage all pupils (and teachers) with it? We will look at how we can draw to invent, communicate ideas and create imaginary designs.
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These CPDs will be led by Susan Coles, an independent educator, critical friend, advisor, consultant, artist, and networker. Susan is a former President of National Society for Education in Art and Design (NSEAD) and a current member of Council, and represents Europe on the world council of the International Society for Education through Art (InSEA). Susan is an Associate of The Big Draw and Secretary to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Art Education. Find out more: www.artcrimes.org.uk Twitter: @theartcriminal


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