How to book your visit to our museums

Image © Andy Brown

Pre-booking Checklist

  • So that our museums don't get overcrowded it is essential that schools and other groups book in advance for both workshops and teacher-led visits.
  • To ensure you have the best experience with your class, the maximum group size is 32 pupils.
  • We recommend that a minimum of 1 adult accompanies every 6 children visiting from KS1 & 2.
  • Workshop sessions cost £200 per half day workshop and £350 for a full day.

To make a booking:
Please fill out the enquiry form at
Alternatively you can contact the learning team by email or call 0114 278 2655.

If possible, please have the following information ready when you call or email to book:

  • Preferred date (with alternatives) plus the venue and workshop.
  • Name and role in school (e.g. History Co-ordinator) of lead teacher for the group.
  • Number of groups and number of children in each group.
  • Number of other teachers and adult helpers.
  • Year group.
  • Information about the learning or other specific needs of your group.
  • Whether you wish to stay for lunch.

If you require any other information or are unsure of what to bring on your visit then please ask at the time of booking.

We’d love to hear what you and your class thought of your visit. Email us at to tell us about your experience and the work it inspired in the classroom.   



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