Racing Ahead for Weston Park

Oct 15 2015

With days to go our Grants & Donations Officer Cat Dale is blogging about our 10k team running this weekend for Weston Park Museum:

Back in February we launched our I Love My Museum appeal aiming to raise £1million to improve Weston Park. We’ve been overwhelmed with the support that people have shown across the city and beyond, from local organisations donating amazing prizes for our raffle, to regular visitors putting a few extra pounds into our donation boxes when they come through our doors. Alongside a generous grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, it’s all added up and so far we have raised an amazing £907,946 to make Weston Park Museum even better for the next generation of visitors.

After receiving such a fantastic response, we knew we wanted to give something back and show that we love our museum just as much as our visitors do. Over summer we got together and decided that it wasn’t enough to just shout about it - we wanted to take on a challenge to show it! And then someone said it. “Why not run a race?”

Over and over it kept coming up. Dates and distances were suggested, everyone thought it was a great idea, but who would be the one to take the plunge and pull a team together? A quick google promised me that 12 weeks would be plenty of time to train from nothing to racing fit, and after various failed attempts across the last 2 years I thought this was the push that I needed. If a race date is set, surely I would have to keep at it…

So we did it! A race was chosen- the Sheffield TENTENTEN, taking place this Sunday (18th October).  The fundraising page was set up. The team photo was taken. A couch-to-10k app was downloaded and the (discounted) running shoes were bought.Our team includes a mixed range of seasoned and past runners, but for me it will just be about crossing the finish line! My primary goal when starting out was to learn to run for half an hour without collapsing in a heap. It’s taken me 12 weeks but last Saturday, with one week to go, I just about managed 50 minutes and hit 7k!

“If you can do 7k you can do 10k” - that’s what I keep hearing anyway - so fingers crossed we will all be crossing the finish line next week and celebrating what we have achieved together! And having such a great cause to push us that one step further has been amazing.

I truly believe in that everyone should have free and open access to museums as welcoming, friendly spaces. Spaces that inspire the imagination, create lasting memories and promote curiosity, discovery and fun! One of my earliest memories as a child at school is visiting an Ancient Egyptian exhibition on a school trip and being in absolute awe when the Museum Officer told us just how old these objects were. Those trips inspired me to go on to learn about the world, and I am proud to have been able to do something to help keep Sheffield’s museums open and free for the next generation of explorers to enjoy.

You can sponsor our 10k team and help raise funds for Weston Park Museum at our mydonate page here

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