Talk: Portraits for the Stereoscope - the Other Victorian Giants

Sunday 2 September 2018 2:00pm - 3:00pm
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Photographic Study (Clementina and Florence Elizabeth Maude) by Clementina Hawarden Image © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Photo historian Denis Pellerin, Curator of Dr. Brian May's collection of Victorian photographs and Director of his London Stereoscopic Company, will take us on a three dimensional journey through the studios of some of the most famous British and continental masters of Victorian stereoscopic portraits.

Stereoscopy, though often misunderstood, neglected or even looked down upon by most photo historians, was a phenomenon which revolutionised photography and changed the way the Victorians looked at a fast-changing world and also at themselves.

Stereographs were the first mass-produced photographs and their role was not only one of entertainment, it was also educational. The ‘magical instrument’ was much more than a philosophical toy; it opened a window to new places, and to a better understanding of the world the Victorians lived in.

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