SOLD OUT: Workshop: Silver and glass - A demonstration of early photographic processes

Saturday 25 August 2018 1:00pm - 3:00pm
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Millennium Gallery
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A wet collodion portrait. © Guy J. Brown 2018.

Learn about early photographic techniques, from the Daguerrotype and Fox Talbot’s salted paper process through to the cyanotype and wet collodion.

See practical demonstrations of the cyanotype process and the making of wet collodion positives (ambrotypes), where collodion solution is flowed onto a glass plate, sensitised in a bath of silver nitrate and exposed in the camera while still wet. The result is an image of pure silver on glass.

Take the time to visit the Victorian Giants exhibition, which features many images made using the wet collodion process.

The workshop will be led by Guy Brown FRPS, a Professor at the University of Sheffield and an enthusiastic user of early photographic processes.

Participants in the workshop are advised to wear old clothes, since the chemicals used will stain should they come into contact with clothing.

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