Panel Discussion: The Big Top across Five Continents - 250 years of circus worldwide

Tuesday 14 August 2018 6:00pm - 7:30pm
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Weston Park
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Koringa, Bertram Mills circus programme 1939 Copyright University of Sheffield Library, National Fairground and Circus Archive


Circus has travelled all over the globe. From the first circus in the centre of London in 2018, over to Ireland just four years later, it quickly spread throughout Europe, across the ocean to America. Today you can find Circus shows in Lebanese refugee camps, Afghani villages, Chinese cities and Australian avant garde theatres. There’s not a continent where Circus – the original pop-up – hasn’t made an appearance. There’s even been a show in Antarctica.

Come and explore this uniquely world-wide phenomenon with a panel of experts from four different continents. What is the universal appeal of circus? Does having few words means having fewer national boundaries? Is there something about the Circus art form that appeals beyond cultural differences? How has circus evolved as it’s moved from pitch to pitch, place to place. How does where it’s made affect how Circus is performed?

A lively, informed discussion with audience contributions and questions.

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