Protest Season: Workshop: Use Your Voice! Speaking Up, Speaking Out

Saturday 26 May 2018 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Free - this workshop is open to anyone aged 16-18 who identifies as female.
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Millennium Gallery
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Image source: Nationaal Archief

Got something important to say to the world?

Angry and want to shout it out?

Want to have a go at making a political speech?

"Me too" – Wondering what to say next?

Want some revolutionary fun?

Then join Hester Reeve of the Emily Davison Lodge and art students from Sheffield Hallam University for this special workshop inspired by the Hope is Strong exhibition at the Millennium Gallery.

Hester says:
“The suffragettes lived in an era where it was against the law for a woman to speak out in public meetings. Imagine their fear and bravery when they started to make speeches at rallies to gathering crowds – often standing in hay carts or on public monuments. They would often meet in private to practice using their voices and trying out their speeches. They had no experience but they did it and did it in style. Let's try and practice ourselves, 100 years after the suffragette campaign! What do you have to say and how will it feel saying it? Want a chance to try it out behind closed doors with a supportive gang of women?”

This workshop is free, but please bring a cake to share at the tea break!

This workshop is open to anyone aged 16-18  who identifies as female.

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