Evening Talk: Peter Tatchell - Equality is not enough

Thursday 27 April 2017 6:30pm - 8:00pm
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LGBTI equality is not enough. Equal rights within a flawed system? No thanks!

Mere equality means equal rights within the status quo - a status quo that has been devised by and for the straight majority. It involves LGBTI acceptance of the pre-existing dominant values, laws and institutions. The bid for equality does not question the current system. It seeks only parity for LGBTIs within it.

In contrast, LGBTI liberation questions society and seeks to transform it. With an agenda beyond what is, it aims for the betterment of everyone, LGBTI and straight. Peter Tatchell has been an LGBT and human rights campaigner since 1967.

Part of the Festival of Debate 2017

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