Sheffield Life: Wincobank Hill

Tuesday 10 October 2017 1:00pm - 1:45pm
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Two Hundred precious metal years, the History of the sheffield Smelting Company by Ronald E Wilson

The Wincobank story gives a changing picture of Sheffield life through the centuries.

Surrounded by ancient woodland, the prehistoric Wincobank Hillfort occupies a commanding position on the hilltop overlooking the Lower Don Valley. Nearby, runs the route of the Roman Ridge. Nestled in the shelter of the summit once stood Wincobank Hall, home to the Read family who founded TheSSCo.

The eldest daughter, Mary Anne Rawson, was an important figure in the campaign for the Universal Abolition of Slavery. With her sister Emily Read she founded an early school, still used as a chapel and community centre.

Recently, a campaign has been launched to save the Read family grave and the abandoned Zion Graveyard in Attercliffe. Come and hear more - what is the connection?

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