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***Weston Park Museum is closed on Sunday 18 March due to the bad weather. We're sorry if you were planning to visit today, we hope to open as usual from Monday.*** 

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The Big Bug Show

Leaf-cutter Ant (Atta cephalotes) © Invertebrate Images
Saturday 7 March 2009 - Sunday 21 February 2010

The Big Bug Show is a free, family-friendly, exhibition teeming with tiny – and not so tiny – insect life.

Meetlive snails, millipedes and stick insects face to face and see both beautifuland beastly creatures from Museums Sheffield's natural history collections. You can get up close and personal with the miniature cast of award-winning film Microcosmos and super-size local critters using our zoom macroscope. We've even carpeted the entire gallery with green astroturf so you can crash out in comfort and watch the film.

Mini visitors will love playing in our 'Creep and Crawl' area and bigger kids can design their own super powered bugs in a brand new interactive game. When you're all bugged out, our shop and café will be waiting to serve you a selection of buglicious treats, including dung beetle balls, spooky spider jelly and realbug lollipops!