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Olympic Relay Torch

Olympic torch bearer Chris Ince with Curator Claire Starkie
Saturday 28 July 2012 - Sunday 13 January 2013
From the 19th May to the 27th July this year 8,000 people will have carried their own torch across the UK from Land’s End to the Olympic stadium in Stratford, London.

The relay came to South Yorkshire on the 25th- 26th June and this torch was carried by Chris Ince, a teacher from Sheffield, through Dunsville in Doncaster. Chris was nominated for being an inspirational teacher and igniting a passion for science and education in his pupils. Chris said: “It was an incredible experience…all I could think was ‘Don’t drop it and don’t set fire to your hair!’” Chris kindly responded to Museums Sheffield's request for a torch bearer to lend their torch for temporary display at Weston Park museum.

Each torch is made from two layers of aluminium alloy and is designed to be heat and corrosion resistant. The propane–butane burner inside enables the torch to stay lit through strong wind and rain. Weighing only 850 grams, it can be easily carried by the many young people who have been chosen as torchbearers. Each torch is perforated with 8,000 laser cut holes representing each person who took part in the relay.