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Restless Times: Art in Britain 1914-1945

Wednesday 6 October 2010 - Sunday 30 January 2011

Between 1914 and 1945 Britain faced great uncertainty and change. While the country embraced the excitement and glamour of the modern world, it was haunted by two World Wars and plagued by economic hardship. This exhibition explores the art that chronicled these restless times.

The strong spirit of change during this period was enriched by people from across Europe who sought refuge in Britain. Artists from the continent brought with them new ideas which invigorated and influenced their contemporaries. The changing face of the nation also inspired many artists to explore Britain’s identity in their work.

Restless Times: Art in Britain 1914-1945 looks at the preoccupations of the period and asks if there are parallels with our own unstable political and economic times. How do we define our individual and national identity in this current age of uncertainty?

The Great British Art Debate is a partnership project exploring identities through public collections of British Art.