Win a Wedding Venue and Drinks Reception - WINNERS

We’ve had a fantastic response to our Win a Wedding Venue competition, sponsored by our Hospitality Partners, Baxter Storey,  with so many great stories to choose from. We’re delighted to announce that our competition winners are Chelsea and John, who’s transatlantic romance really won us over. Here’s John with their story:

“I knew I wanted to propose, and I knew I wanted to surprise her; but I didn't want to just turn up while she was doing the dishes or coming home from work. You see, Chelsea's home is roughly 4,200 miles away from mine.

I was lying in bed after a double at the restaurant in Orlando, Florida, when I knew I had to come up with something spectacular. This was the woman of my dreams, a princess and a queen, and I did not want to be ordinary. Finally, an idea! I jumped out of bed at 3am and quickly made a list of all family and friends in Sheffield that could help me. I also made a list of places we've been and things we shared on my last visit to the UK, and finally, the rough draft had begun. That night, I contacted everyone on the list and asked for their assistance for a top secret mission.

Two weeks later, her mum presented her first envelope at 9am, that sent her on a journey to find letter number ten. It was the 12th of February 2017, our anniversary. An all-day treasure hunt of sorts led her through a photo lab, Gregg's, Winter Gardens, Debenham's, Nando's, Skye Edge Fields, and eventually the train station.

I was nervous as hell. Chelsea whisked in the Sheffield Tap (a backup plan due to music restraints within the train station) as I hid in the corner, watching her search for the last letter, flowers in arms and a trail of family and friends who were just as curious (nobody was aware of my presence) following behind her. She came upon the last room to find Julian Jones playing his single 'Wrapped in Sunshine' and I saw her eyes begin to well. As she sat and carefully opened letter number ten I got down on one knee behind her and the whole world stopped. It was just her and I at that moment. She looked up from the note, and with oceans in her eyes, said the greatest word I have ever come to hear.

She said “Yes”.”

Huge congratulations to Chelsea and John and we look forward to welcoming them to the Millennium Gallery to celebrate their wedding later this year.

Find out more about how Baxter Storey can help you celebrate your big day at one of Sheffield's landmark buildings here.

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