Inventing Stories

£5.75 per pupil for up to 32 pupils
How to book
Please call 0114 278 2655 or email
Millennium Gallery
For availability details please call 0114 278 2655 or email
Key stage
Key Stage 1
Key Stage 2
Curriculum area
Art and Design
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Make up stories using drama, artworks and curiosities from our unique Custom Made Designer  'Object Dialogue’ Box. Children will learn how to create a character and develop a narrative that has a gripping beginning, a problem to solve and a punchy ending. With the focus on speaking and listening you may finish the workshop either with short performances that can be recorded, or your class can create illustrations for their stories, just let us know when you book.
Please bring your own camera to film the performance. This workshop can take place at either Millennium or Graves Gallery. 
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