Ancient Egypt: Journey to the Afterlife

£5.75 per pupil for up to 32 pupils
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Please call 0114 278 2655 or email
Weston Park
For availability details please call 0114 278 2655 or email
Key stage
Key Stage 2
Curriculum area
Geography / environment
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Come and meet our mummies, then learn how to embalm and make a mummy just like the Ancient Egyptians, in full gory detail! Your pupils will discover how embalming was an integral part of the Journey to the Afterlife. They will then be history detectives and examine real Ancient Egyptian artefacts and make a Shabti, their very own pocket-sized servant, to take away.  
Please bring a box with you to take away your pupil's Shabtis.
For a full day at the museum this workshop can be combined with either a teacher led trail downloadable here.
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