English for Speakers of Other Languages Trails for Weston Park

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ESOL, (English for Speakers of Other Languages) trails have been especially developed for adults who are learning English. They can be used when visiting the museum.

Each of the six trails have been created to focus on one gallery so you can use more than one to take a trip around the museum or you can use them one at a time and really focus on one space and theme.

Each trail works better if they are completed in pairs or small groups and each also has an answer sheet.

• Before completing the Beneath Your Feet trail discuss with your group what you think the name of the gallery means.
Arctic World is put together around Snowy the polar bear, who has long been a favourite at the museum.
Treasures is full of objects from around the world that have found their way to Sheffield. Your group could discuss their treasures or how they found themselves in Sheffield.
Picturing Sheffield takes you on a journey through time using art.
• Explore the natural history collection in What on Earth and share names of animals in different languages as well as in English.
• Explore Sheffield Life and Times to find out what it was like to live in industrial Sheffield.

To download the answer sheets click on the following links:

If you would like to offer any feedback about the trials please email us on learning@museums-sheffield.org.uk.

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