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The IPod Touch guide in action

Discover more about the displays and enjoy atmospheric music using our free audio guide. The guide uses iPod touch technology, is very simple to use, and has been well received by visitors who’ve enjoyed a new perspective on highlights of the collection.

"It does feel really liberating to be able to listen to music in art gallery while you’re looking at art."

"I thought it was great – all this information coming into my head!"

"I found it interesting and easy to use - believe me, if I can use it anyone can! I don’t usually listen to these sorts of things at art galleries, but I might do in future as it tells you a lot more than just looking at something."

You can explore the following works of art:

  • Frozen River Scene, by Aert van der Neer
  • Portrait of Lady Coventry, by Cornelius Johnson 
  • The Adulteress before Christ, by Giovanni Battista Pittoni the younger
  • Lady of Shallott, by William Maw Egley
  • Plage en Normandie, by Eugene Louis Boudin
  • Telephone Engineer II, by Prunella Clough
  • Delabole Spiral, by Richard Long 
  • Ego Geometria Sum, by Helen Chadwick 
  • Chance, Order, Change, by Kenneth Martin


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