Going Public: International Art Collectors in Sheffield

It was once taken for granted that every major city in the UK should collect art for the benefit of its people. Many great collections, Sheffield’s included, were founded upon the philanthropic bequests of private collectors. Where are the philanthropists of the future, and what role do public galleries and private collections play in bringing great art to everyone?

Going Public: International Art Collectors in Sheffield was conceived to explore how public galleries and philanthropists can better develop meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships. The project was launched in 2015, bringing work from some of Europe’s finest private collections of contemporary and 20th century art to Sheffield in a citywide series of exhibitions, accompanied by a major summit which asked the question ‘How can public art institutions unlock the potential of philanthropy?’

Authored by Louisa Buck, Contemporary Art Columnist for The Art Newspaper, The Going Public Report presents the conclusions from the Going Public summit. The report brings together views from leading museum directors, philanthropists and industry experts to create a new consensus on the opportunities for collaboration which could help protect the future of regional museums and galleries.

Download The Going Public Report here

Download key quotes from The Going Public Report here

Going Public: International Art Collectors in Sheffield continues in 2016 with an exhibition of highlights drawn from the collection of Valeria Napoleone, the foremost collector of work by women contemporary artists. Find out more about Going Public: The Napoleone Collection at the Graves Gallery, which is supported by The Art Fund, here

Going Public: International Art Collectors in Sheffield was co-originated by Mark Doyle and Sebastien Montabonel and is led by Museums Sheffield. In 2015 the project was a partnership between Museums Sheffield, Sheffield Cathedral, Sheffield Hallam University’s Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery and Site Gallery. The project was supported by Arts Council England, The Henry Moore Foundation, Montabonel & Partners, Sheffield City Council and Sheffield Hallam University.

The Going Public Report has been made possible with the generous support of Nicolas Cattelain.


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